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There are no classes currently scheduled but if you are interested in CPIM or CSCP classes, please contact

The Columbus APICS chapter is pleased to offer the  Certified in Production and  Inventory Management (CPIM) and Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) courses.  The CPIM  and CSCP courses of study are a great value for individuals and companies alike.  Our classes are taught by seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience as practioners, consultants and educators.  All of our instructors are certified by the APICS Instructor Development Program (IDP) which provides assurance that instructors meet APICS rigorous standards.

In addition to our scheduled classes, we are able to conduct in house classes at your company.  For more information on inhouse classes, please email us at

 Our interactive classes are an excellent opportunity for attendees to see how the supply chain management concepts discussed in class are applied in real world scenarios at a variety of organizations.  Instructors and students alike learn as much from the lively discussions as they do from the student guides. These classes are designed to educate students on the APICS body of knowledge and are appropriate even if students have no intention of pursuing the APICS certification.

 CPIM classes will be held on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm with a break for lunch.  There is no requirement that you must take or pass the exam before the next class, this is optional.  Though we would like students to attend all the courses, if a student has a conflict and can't take one of the courses, they can still sign up for the others.  There are no prerequisites for any of these classes (we do however recommend that students take the Basics class before taking the other classes).

CSCP classes will also be held on Saturdays.  The CSCP course will consist of four class meetings with an optional test study session.

To register for a class, select "Read More" from the Upcoming Education Events and search for the "Register Now" link.

CPIM Class Schedule



 Class Name

 TBD  Day 1  Basics of Supply Chain Management
 TBD  Day 2  Basics of Supply Chain Management
TBD Day 1 Master Planning of Resources
TBD Day 2 Master Planning of Resources
TBD Day 1 Detailed Scheduling and Planning
TBD Day 2 Detailed Scheduling and Planning
TBD Day1 Execution and Control of Operations
TBD Day 2 Execution and Control of Operations
TBD Day 1 Strategic Management of Resources
TBD Day 2 Strategic Management of Resources


CSCP Class Schedule - Please watch for an announcement of classes to be offered early 2017.



 Class Name

 TBD  Day 1  Certified Supply Chain Professional
 TBD  Day 2  Certified Supply Chain Professional
 TBD  Day 3 Certified Supply Chain Professional
 TBD  Day 4  Certified Supply Chain Professional
 TBD    Review session - Test prep (optional)


The most economical way to become certified is to Join the APICS organization at a cost of $200.  Then the classes and exams are discounted.   


Basics of Supply Chain Management

This is an introductory course for production and inventory management personnel.  This course provides basic definitions and concepts for planning and controlling the flow of materials into, through, and out of an organization.  It explains fundamental relationships among the activities that occur in the supply chain from suppliers to customers.  In addition, the course addresses the types of manufacturing systems, forecasting, master planning, material requirements planning (MRP), capacity management, capacity requirements planning (CRP), production activity control (PAC), purchasing, inventory management, distribution, quality management and just in time (JIT) manufacturing.         

Master Planning of Resources

Master Planning of Resources explores the processes used to develop sales and operations plans and identify and assess internal and external demand and forecasting requirements. The focus is on the importance of producing achievable master schedules that are consistent with business policies, objectives, and constraints.  

Detailed Scheduling and Planning   

Detailed Scheduling and Planning focuses on techniques for material and capacity scheduling. The course examines material requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirements planning (CRP), inventory management practices, and procurement and supplier planning.         

Execution and Control of Operations 

Execution and Control of Operations focuses prioritizing and sequencing work, executing work plans and implementing controls, reporting activity results, and providing evaluation feedback on performance. The course explains techniques for scheduling and controlling production processes, the execution of quality initiatives and continuous improvement plans, and the control and handling of inventories.

Strategic Management of Resources 

Strategic Management of Resources explores the relationship of existing and emerging processes and technologies to manufacturing strategy and supply chain-related functions. The course focuses on aligning resources with the strategic plan, configuring and integrating operating processes to support the strategic plan, and implementing change.

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